The security landscape has changed tremendously over the past few years. Traditional security measures are no longer enough to safeguard your network resources and users. Deployment of standalone security solutions does not provide assurance of a safe and secure network. Whereas previously security is about defining untrusted zone to public area and trusted zone to internal network, attacks nowadays are getting more pervasive when one considers that the attack could be coming from anywhere, even from within your own network. It requires a coordinated security approach where detection and enforcement solutions work closely in an integrated manner to plug the security gaps.

Among the common building blocks for a coordinated security platform include:

Next-Generation Firewall
DDoS Detection & Mitigation
Security Feeds
(Advance Threat Prevention)
Endpoint Security
Access Control
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

At CommVerge Solutions, we partner with best-of-breed security solution vendors to provide you with a comprehensive and integrated security platform to ensure your network is secure against zero-day and coordinated attacks.

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