Project Management

At CommVerge Solutions, understanding the need to plan early ensures that equipment is delivered on time, proper resources are allocated early in the project and the sites are ready with the required pre-requisites for the implementation team to install, commission, integrate, and handover the system upon customer acceptance.

With best of practice approach and proven methodologies honed through years of experience, CommVerge Solutions would manage and drive the following project areas for the successful completion of the entire project:

Integration Management

Scope Management

Time Management

Cost Management

Quality Management

Resource Managament

Communications Management

Risk Management

Procurement Management

Project teams are involved early in the project to help define the scope of works, roles and responsibilities and plan the project along with the customers. Furthermore, reporting to its customers the status of the project on an accurate and timely basis is vital for the health of the project and customer communications. CommVerge Solutions believes in keeping its customers informed of all project activities, while making recommendations for solutions to project issues in a timely manner guiding the project team to make the right decisions at the right time.

Meeting customer’s expectation for schedule, scope, quality, costs with customer satisfaction are the keys to the success of any project. CommVerge Solutions has some of the best project managers in the business who understand this concept and apply them well to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations.